NFL Pay vs Military Pay

As I was tooling Facebook the other day, I saw an interesting post.  It said that men wearing helmets in the military should be paid more than football players in helmets.  This made me stop and think for a while.  In concept it sounds like a good idea, but it isn't realistic.  Members of the military should definitely be respected more and do a much more honorable job.  However, if their ultimate goal was to make a lot of money, they wouldn't have joined the military.  We simply can't pay them a lot, because there is generally a decent supply of people who want to join the military.  To the contrary, there isn't an endless supply of NFL quality players.  So, without going into a ton of details, they get paid more.  Like a lot of things, this subject has a lot to do with supply and demand.  I don't believe our military gets paid what they should, but I do believe they get paid what we are capable of giving them.

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Comments (3)

  1. Hugh_Pizmehoff

    Mercenaries can make a good salary, and they’re more comparable to NFL players, because mercs are “professionals”.

    November 11, 2012
  2. christianlane58

    could you tell me one thing If you are giving your life to only make 18,00 a year and all these football players are doing is hitting each other make millions I think.. people of the war should make a lot more they are also professionals to be making it too war you know that is the hardest thing you have to do is make it too the war and when you get their its not autographs and hugs a kisses ……..WE ARE PROTECTING YOU YOUR FAIMLY AND EVERYTHING YOU CARE ABOUT!!! what are the football girls doing for you … me I love it but its not as important

    April 09, 2015
  3. putdow1929

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    May 19, 2016
  4. gorwast66

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    September 10, 2016